These are two diametrically opposed — but equally chic decorating styles that our clients get to choose from when we embark on a new design project


Neutral color palette has soothing and calming effect. To give the visual outcome to the delicate color schemes in the interior designers use large-scale paintings and graphics, collectible furniture by Paul Evans, Edward Warmly or sculptural furniture by Rick Owens and Eric Schmitt. Neutral interiors depend on the combination of objects with different proportions, on variety of textures, and complex energy which comes from modern art and antique furnishings. The more detailed and multilayered the interior is the higher its impact.


BOLD, BRIGHT and BIG – all the better for creating stimulating spaces that excite their occupants. It sets the stage for equally exciting composition of furnishings and multi-layered schemes. All those sophisticated textures, art objects, and paintings are widely used in the color style projects – the more detailed and multi-layered the interior is in this case the higher its impact.

It is very important not to overload the interior. In order to achieve that we limit the number of colors and play with shapes and scales. This is how it works for the children’s room on the picture above:
- the dynamic ornaments of the wallpaper are balanced by the soft lines of the beds;
- the blue color theme appears as thin lines on the walls, large triangle shapes on the closet doors, bulk matrasses and bolsters on the beds and also in graphic shapes on the canvas.

The balance of colors and forms makes this interior look refined and harmonized.