The interior design starts with architecture. First our professional architects work on the floor plans, determine the shape and purpose of each room creating a so-called "skeleton" of the interior. The next step is defining the style, selecting furnishings and lighting. We pay special attention to the proportions, shapes and functionality of the interior elements.

We like to use all surfaces, so when choosing finishing materials we combine them in such a way that the interior looks detailed and sophisticated but not overloaded. To enhance the effect, we play with textures, volumes, shapes and sizes of interior elements.

The color scheme is developed to flow from one room to another to create a feeling of unification without monotonous repetition.

“I love incorporating graphic ornaments, large scale paintings and sculptural furnishings in the interior. I feel drawn to eclectic designs mixing the future and the past.”- Olga Malyeva

We work with both Russian and American contractors and manufacturers. Virtuoso carpenters create furniture and doors for our projects. Artists work on custom made wallpaper and canvases. Carpet manufacturers produce rugs according to our designs and sizes. We have vintage and collectible furnishings restored in specialized shops, where they regain their perfect look and original gloss. We prefer to bring the lighting from Italian galleries, and we believe that the most comfortable furniture is made in the Americas.

Mixing different styles and interior traditions, combining classical painting with abstract art, sculpture with photography, we create a comfortable modern living space that reflects your lifestyle.